Monday, January 11, 2010

Random I

Okay.... .. .. sooooo now i really really want post something on my blog which as one can see, i haven't done in really long time but the thing is that i cant seem to think of a sane enough topic to write on.. by the way im still thinking.. ok i have given up.. my neurons are not helping me write now so i will just write whatever comes to my mind.

I have changed the title of this post was untitled first, then it became rambling and now its random.

Its cold today.. and i think its going to rain .. man i hate it.. why does the weather have to get all foggy and rainy when the college opens.. hate when it rains in college.

Oh happy new year people.. better late than never. What are your new year resolutions, mine are to actually drink a glass of milk daily and start eating bananas and not to start shouting at my sister and actually help her with her school work

i had this weird dream last night.. all ma dreams are weird as in they are not just one coherent dream but i drift from one to anther and i always forget them in the morning.. but last night was so funny, i saw i was going to ma best friends home who lived in my nanni's (maternal grandmother)old place.. another weird thing i always see ma old nanni ka ghar in ma dreams.... anyhow coming back to the recent dream... so iwas going to my friend's place which later turned into my schools physics lab where i met an old friend with whom in not much in touch and then my best friend turns up and takes me to her drawing room which actually is my drawing room and then i wake

The freakin lights went out just now but came back after ten minutes.. weird again heck!!! now the batti begum has again gone out.. ThankGod i had the sense to switch on ma bro's laptop.. yay laptops!!!

I am going to bake some cookies today..

I haven't read a book in really long while..shit what has happened to me...i just read one book in this winter break where not so long ago, holidays without books were as much a possibility for me as going to the south pole !!!

Chad Michael Murray has a really weird nose.

I have used weird quite many times in this post and every time i typed the wrong spellings... i owe big time to auto spell check!!

I should seriously get down to actually writing my final research report.. heck!! i haven't even finished searching the literature review... what can i say.. hail Queen of Lazyville!!

I have to shop for clothes for this wedding aghhhhhhhhhh..I haven't watched 3 idiots yet and i so want to!!!

This post looks much more like my TO- Do- List. Heck! i'll still post it, actually i have written quite a long post that is if one can take the liberty to call it as such... yay me!!!

Liberty reminds me of Davies.. a character from The Caretaker by Harold Pinter.. his pet line was "don't start taking liberties with me." I always forget, do we put the full stop before the ending quotation marks or after it.. i think before, well thats what i did here.

Its a very lame post but my blog will bear with it for now.. my apologies.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Educated We Are...nah

Another thing that has really been bugging me lately is standard of education that we have in pakistan.I know, i know, its not rocket science but very old news!!! Oh and one more thing, im not talking about the fact that our literacy rate is very low or the plight of Government schools etc, here im concerned about the education standard of the private schools, yeah you heard me, no need to get flabbergasted.

See,i dont think there is much difference between our private schools and government schools because both stress on rote learning!! Even our very best and expensive private schools(okay, most of them) dont develope the creative abilities of the students, they don't help them to think independentally on their own. The syllabus is way too much and the students are expected to learn it all and not to apply their thinking skills.

Moreover, this trend of tuition centers and acadmies is beyond me but its the new rage, a kind of fashion statement!! you can see four and five year old kids going to tuitions and academies. See, it all comes back to the schools, if the course content and the patteren of exams had been much concept based and the teachers had done justice to their jobs i don't think the poor students will have to go to tuitions centers but our techers need to make money and today an academy or tuition center is the fastest way of earning some quick bucks, they even teach better at the academies and this i'm speaking from my very own personal experience... matlab what is the purpose of going to school if you are going to academies.. would'nt it be better that you dropped out of schools and just attended the academies, atleast your parents pockets will be heavier.

Abroad, the students learn all they need to at their schools and they even finish their homework at schools and spend considerable time playing sports. Here our students don't have time for after school sports because they have to go to their various tuitions etc, no wonder our younger generation is so lathergic and lazy!!! and the only "sports and relaxation " they know comes in the form of the computer games.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Handle every stressful situation like a dog...If you can't eat it or play with it,
just pee on it and walk away.

Friday, August 21, 2009


It was a bright sunny and humid afternoon of an ordinary day just like any other. I was lounging on the sofa , flicking through the idiot box in the vain search of catching some worthwhile to watch. Giving up the futile search, i stretched and yawned and pressed shuffle to set my brain on to the Daydreaming/Random Thoughts- Energy Saving mode. Couple of minutes passed and my lazy neurons finally caught a signel which told me k k ...itna dinno sa light nai ja rahi ....strangeeeee haina... Being in random thoughts mode, i had to test this hypothesis and look for reasons that substantiated the discovery and so i thought and thought but alas my nuerons wer'nt lucky anymore and concluded what the heck! just be thankful for what u have kahin nazar na lag gai and so i pressed the shuffle once again and set it on the Nap mode and drifted off.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Jinxed....

Oh no no, not really, May Allah protect me from all evil,but when it comes to hell i am!!!

See, the thing is that everytime our computer crashes ....its because of me. We got our first computer when i was in, i guess grade 7th and since then every single time its been out of order, the credit has always found its way back to me.

And before any of you think that i take some sort of weird pleasure in blowing the machine off..i don't okay, i seriously don't. Instead i dont even have any freakin idea about what i do wrong to make it crash. I mean ok ok! i accept that i'm not much of a computer guru but then i'm not a complete dork either who does not know how to switch it on, work on the microsoft word, powerpoint,surf the net etc and shut it down properly but everytime the windows have been corrupted; the last person to use it had been me..who else?

I dont know what is wrong with me. In these summer vacations alone i have managed to crash it THREE times, the first time something went wrong with the internet connection. The next time was when i switched it one one bright sunny afternoon, the damned CPU did'nt work and now i have managed to do something to the Monitor!! bravo bravo bravo... sigh... so you see why i cant help thinking if i'm jinxed.... lets just pray that now when i switch this thing off after hitting the publish button, it does get switched on when someone tries to use it the next time or my brother will kill me.. not that he did'nt try this time..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Letter

This piece came out in the Jang Sunday Magzine, a local urdu newspaper.

Its basically a letter by a mother for Bilawal Bhutto and its too good. It puts in words what this nation is going through quite literally and points out a finger towards the attitude of our so called politicians. It might never reach the one it was meant for but i just thought its worth reading, it comes straight from heart, if u ask me it should be read in the 9:00 news so that our leaders can hear where things stand in reality..... so i have posted the link... its quite long actually, at first i had planned to translate it but that would take too much time since i'll have to sit with an urdu-to-english translation dictionary.. so heres the links,do read it!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lucky We Are

Its been a boring summer so far, oh and not to forget a really scorching one too but the temperatures have dropped a degree or so and monsoon is here so its gonna be all good now. But this post is not about the heat...

I read these two books " A Tale of Two Cities " by Charles Dickens and "Zoya" by Danielle Steel. Now both these book were set at the time of Revolutions. A Tale of Two Cities takes place during the French Revolution and Zoya is set during the Russian Revolution and are basically good reads especially the first one. The books paint a very grim and sad picture of Revolutions, bloodshed, loss, mindless voilence etc etc and this got me thinking that how lucky we actually are.

Im sure all of us have heard that " ya mulk bari kurbaniyoon ka baad hasil howa ha" ( we got this country after a lot a sacrifices) and i never realized how true that was until now. Seriously we are so damn lucky to have gotten our homeland on golden platter, we didnt have to fight for it, we didnt lose our homes, our families, our loved ones, we didnt see our homes being destroyed infront of our eyes, our lives being torn apart.. man Lucky we really are!!!